Wednesday, October 1, 2014


This little 20 months old boy is trouble.  Can't you tell by this grin on his face? The thing is he is just so funny and cute that it's hard to get upset with him.

Let me count the ways he gets into trouble if you leave him out of your sight for more than 2 seconds.
Trying to get into the fridge
Turning on all the lights (inside and out) in the house

Making sure he can draw at the top of the chalk board
Helping with laundry
Just making messes
Riding the police car by pushing the gas with his hands, because he can't reach it with his foot
I wish the face was all he colored.....thanks to magic eraser we got it off the wall

Finding chocolate for breakfast.  Scott had left a chocolate bar out the night before and he had to leave really early for a meeting the next day.  When Hannah came downstairs she said "Oh oh daddy had chocolate for breakfast.  That is not good".  A few minutes later Evan got a hold of it.
Emptying my spices
Dumping a box of cereal or trying to open the new box with scissors

Then getting two boxes of cereal into his hands and realizing that he can't get down like this
Life never gets boring with this little guy.  I put his blood pressure medication out on the counter yesterday morning and went to get a syringe.  I had to clean one and when I turned around he had opened the medicine bottle and was taking his first sip.  I can't believe he got that bottle open.  Thankfully he only had one little sip.  

He was a lot of help hanging curtain rods in the new babies room.
He kept saying "help" (notice that I took the battery off the drill)
Now he is trying to put the battery back on
I let him push the button once and he was a happy boy
I also believe that I was played by a 20 months old the other day.  We had just pulled into the garage and I got him out of the car, but he wanted to play in it.  I told him not right now, because we had to go pick up Hannah from school.  I was getting my purse and other things out of the passenger seat and he pushed one of his ride on toys down the driveway.  He knows not to do that and knows that I had to run after it, so that it doesn't run into a car coming by.  While I ran after the toy he grins at me and runs towards the car and climbs into the passenger door to play in the car!

He loves the song "Do you wanna build a snowman" from Frozen.  He likes the part where she watches the hours tick by and makes the clicking sound with her tongue.  Now he brings me my phone and makes that sound if he wants to listen to the song.  

My favorite things he says right now are "gotta go" and "okay".  When he says "gotta go" you better make sure all doors are locked or he is off.  It is really funny when he answers your questions with "okay", because he says it to seriously.

He really likes ice cream.  He does a happy dance when I tell him he can have some ice cream.  I asked him the other day if he wanted cereal or an egg for breakfast and his answer was "ice cream". Nice try!

We are so happy that his blood pressure has remained stable.  He has been sick a few times and that always raises his blood pressure, which makes me nervous.  He had hand, foot and mouth disease last week.  Not a fun experience.  

He loves his big sister and gets so excited when it's time to pick her up from school.  The first thing he says in the morning when he wakes up is "Haddah" and goes looking for her.  

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