Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hannah Turned FIVE

Well, this happened a few months ago, but I still need to document that our little princess turned five years old.  How is that possible?  She is such a wonderful, sweet and caring little girl.  She loves her brother very much and is very patient with him (at least most times).  She still wants to be a doctor when she grows up.  She loves princesses (especially Elsa), playing outside, swimming and playing "house".  Her imagination and role playing is very good.  She only likes to play it her way though.  We are very proud of the little girl she has become.

On her actual birthday she woke up to flowers (her request), balloons, candles and presents
She got a new bike for her birthday and we were really hoping to take the training wheels off this summer, but all of a sudden she is really scared of riding her bike and getting hurt.  Hopefully this will pass soon.
The highlight of her birthday was the Elsa dress!
Hannah celebrated her birthday at Aspire gymnastics and a Frozen theme (surprise)!
The beautiful and yummy cake made by Mara
Hannah had planned 3 outfit changes for her party.  Her birthday girl shirt for when we got there, her leotard for the gymnastics party and her Elsa dress for when we eat cake:)
We had a little surprise and Cinderella showed up at her party (Queen Elsa didn't get her dress on time)
As soon as the party was over Hannah started planning her next birthday!

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