Monday, August 11, 2014

Let The Catching Up Begin

I can't believe it's been 2 months since I last hit publish on this blog.  A lot has happened:  Hannah turned 5, Evan is 18 months old, the baby belly keeps growing, we went to Germany for 3 weeks,  Germany won the world cup :) and Hannah has started Kindergarten. I haven't given up on this blog and I am hoping to catch up on everything that happened in the last 2 months.  It is hard to get motivated after such a long break (it is kind of like going to the gym.....the longer you don't go the harder it is to get started again).  The thought of having to go through all of my pictures from the last few months seems overwhelming, so I am going to start with my most recent pictures and happenings and go backwards:)

Hannah started Kindergarten!!!!!!
I still can't believe it.  She is going to year round school and started on August 1st.  She has adjusted really well and there have been no tears!  It is quite the adjustment for all of us and poor Evan seemed lost for the first few days without his sister at home.  He kept running around the house calling her name and looking for her.  
We made Hannah a Schultuete, which is a German tradition for the kids to get on their first day of school to sweeten the day a little.......

The finished product

Ready for the first day

In her classroom
We are very proud of this little girl and how she is handling the transition.  I just wish she would got to bed a little earlier at night.....everybody told us that she will be exhausted the first few weeks of Kindergarten, but Hannah has not slowed down yet!
Evan really wanted to stay in the classroom......he will get his chance soon enough when he starts MDO next week!
A little after school treat for both kids (even though I only got a picture of Evan)

Hannah is excited to become a big sister again.  She really wants a little sister and I think she may be a little disappointed if the baby is a boy:).  She asked me the other day how the baby gets food and I told her that the baby gets everything it needs from me.  She then told me to make sure I chew up my food really good, because the baby in my tummy doesn't have teeth yet and could choke:)

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