Friday, October 24, 2014

Almost Go Time

We are patiently awaiting the arrival of baby #3........and when I say patiently I mean that I am ready now! We could have up to 2 weeks left, but I am hoping number 3 will make it's entrance a little early just like the other two did too. At this point we are really hoping it's a girl, because we have finally agreed on a girl name.  We are still very far apart on boy names!

Hannah has been so excited about the new baby and always asks how much longer.  I used to tell her in weeks, but even though she knows there are 7 days in a week it was a hard concept for her to grasp. She had a great idea to make a calendar.  She crosses off every day in the mornings.

We had a check up yesterday and everything looks good with baby.  Just a waiting game now.......

I haven't had a chance to take week 38 yet.

I have to say I am a little nervous about going back to the hospital.  I am worried it will bring back so many memories and emotions from when Evan was born.  I remember every detail of our last stay in that hospital like it was yesterday.  All of the events that led up to Evan being airlifted in Angel One.  I can still see that helicopter taking off with Evan and Scott in it.  I am hoping that the emotions from last time won't overshadow the birth of our third love!  I am praying that everything will go smooth and that we will be able to enjoy this special time in our lives.

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