Monday, October 20, 2014


There is nothing better than watching the relationship between siblings unfold.  The love between the two is so wonderful.  Hannah and Evan are best friends and I love to watch them interact.
 Hannah is the best big sister and takes great care of Evan.  She hardly ever gets frustrated or upset with him and believe me there are plenty of reasons for her to get upset.  He pushes her buttons and can get a little rough with her and she has never "lost it" or hit him back.  She has never gotten jealous if he gets more attention.  They both share things wonderfully.  If Evan gets a snack he always asks for one for Hannah too and he will bring it to her and Hannah always shares everything with him.  I know we are very lucky right now and I am not expecting this to last forever, but I will take it while I can:).

I am curious to see how baby #3 will change the dynamics.  Hannah is so excited to start taking care of the baby and she truly will be a big help.  She found the boppy pillow the other day and saud "Mama you can use this to milk the baby, that's what you used to do with me and Evan". Ha!
Evan has no idea what is about to happen, but I suspect that he might not be too jealous right away, because he will realize very quickly that a new baby in the house will mean more "unsupervised" moments for him.  He always realizes right away when nobody is watching him for 2 seconds and he goes off and does something he is not supposed to do.  So, I think he will enjoy those moments when I will have to care for the baby and he will run and stuff an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet (like he did this morning) or get the eggs out and start cracking them (like he did two days ago) or dump a box of cereal out on the floor (like he did last week) or get BBQ sauce out and start squeezing it into a pot (like he did yesterday) get the idea here:)
Cracking the eggs

They both love to make each other laugh. When Evan makes Hannah laugh he will repeat the thing he was doing/saying over and over, because he really likes to hear her laugh.  Hannah loves to tell "knock knock" jokes in the car (she doesn't really understand them and just makes stuff up), so now Evan started saying "knock knock" in the car.  His favorite one (and Hannah just cracks up every time) is when he says "knock knock", Hannah says "who's there", Evan's response is "Ei", which is egg in German and then after Hannah asks "Ei who" he says "daddy".
I hope that these two (soon three) will always have respect for each other and will always have each others back.  These two keep me busy all day and I wouldn't want to change a thing about it.

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