Thursday, April 2, 2015

Picture Perfect

We have had lots of pictures taken lately.  Myra Wike always does a great job with the kids pictures.

I had Evan's two year old pictures and Nora's 3 months old pictures done in February and then we had pictures with the Easter bunny in March.  The pictures with the bunny are always some of my favorites.
Get ready for picture overload

Sibling love:)
I love this picture of all three of them and have it on a canvas!

This little guy is already two years old now.  He grew up so much since Nora has been born.  He is no longer the baby!  
This smirk.......
This young lady is just growing up too fast (I love Evan's legs in the picture)
And then there is this little peanut......

I will be sharing the bunny pictures next time

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