Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bunny Pictures......My Favorites

I love these bunny pictures every year.........probably because I don't even have to bribe the kids to take pictures.  They love the bunnies and we get some great shots.  Hannah looks forward to them every year.  Myra Wike always does a great job with these.
These three make me smile so big 

This boy keeps us on our toes!
I feel like he was photo bombed here.......
This has to be my favorite picture.....he looks so prim and proper!

How can we get time to stand still?  I just can't get over how grown up she looks.
These two play so well together most of the time.  I attribute that to Hanna's patience.  She is so good with Evan!  Of course they do fight and sometimes she just wants her alone time, but overall they are really good together.  
This little girl loves to laugh.  Little baby laughs are just so precious.  She has now lost all of her hair, but it is already starting to grow back.  She wouldn't be a true Clubine baby if she wasn't bald.
And those chubby arms are just too cute

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