Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Smiley Face

I cannot get enough of this little smiley face.  

She sure loves to smile and laugh a lot.  

 Nora already turned 5 months old.  Time is flying by even faster the third time around.
Sweet girl is pretty easy going.  She is still not a good sleeper, but we are managing.

She loves to be outside and just absorbs everything.  She loves to watch her older siblings play and do crazy stuff.  We were at the trampoline park earlier today and when Evan was jumping she just started laughing at him.  I do believe her heart rate probably still goes up when she hears Evan coming.....he loves her and tries to be sweet to her, but he is just a little rough around the edges.  He sings to her when she is upset and it is one of the sweetest things.......then two seconds later he tries to sit on her, so you can never leave him alone with her for any period of time.  
Hannah is still smitten with her little sister and takes really good care of her.  

She is ready for the beach in her new swim cap.
I believe that she is teething right now, but nothing has come through yet.
She loves to play with Sophie the Giraffe and other chew toys.  She has become really good at reaching and grabbing her toys.  She rolls from her stomach to her back, but not the other way around yet.  She is really close and wants it so bad.  She "scoots" around a lot when laying on her tummy.  
Please slow down time!

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