Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Is In The Air

We are so excited for some warmer temperatures.  Yesterday was absolutely perfect out (it is raining again today though).  We spend so much time outside when its nice out.  Evan would live outside if we let him.  He is so much happier when he can run around, play in the dirt and pick up sticks.

First sign of Spring......Tulips!  I have to say I am pretty proud of my tulips.  Too bad they are so short lived.
After dinner walks with a little ice cream cone
And then one minute later this is tough being two......don't mind that he is wearing Hannah's Ugg boots

This little lady loves to be outside too.....
Another sign of Spring is taking swing naps......this has become quite an often occurrence.  Evan is trying to give up naps and sometimes he just won't go to sleep in his bed, but he can never resist the swing. 
 Evan 0- Mommy 1
It is actually quite relaxing for me to stand out there and push him while he sleeps in the swing and Nora is taking a snooze in the Ergo.
Swinging is also fun when you are awake
Smiley face.....this will brighten even the rainiest days!

Playing in the car with his helmet on first!
This four wheeler was Hannah's christmas gift, but Evan seems to like it much better!
Walking down to get a crepe for lunch at the Food truck is another favorite Spring activity.  Both of the bigger kids can eat almost an entire crepe by themselves.  He loves watching his crepe being made.
Getting back into shape and participating in some 5k races is another sign of Spring.
These are the official race photos.....almost to the finish line (I finished at 25:08)
The kids participated int he 1/2 mile run....Hannah ran hard
Proud of their medals
Sweet girl

Family photo minus Nora who was sleeping in the stroller, because running a 5k is hard work!

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