Monday, June 8, 2015

A Little Bit More of our Life Lately......

I didn't quite get to finish my post on our life lately......still working through some more pictures.  The weather here went from cool and rainy to summer overnight. We have finally enjoyed the pool these last few days.  Hannah is still in school for two more weeks since she is on the non traditional calendar. We have really liked this calendar, but we are ready for summer break now!  She is excited to make a summer bucket list!

We had so much rain last month that they had to open the gates at Beaver Dam, so we made a little trip out there.  It is pretty cool to see the gates open and all of that water rushing out.
Nora was asleep in the car for the family picture

Hannah's school had a silent auction fundraiser a few months ago that was a lot of fun and had lots of good items.  Scott and I love silent auctions and always walk away with a bunch of items.  I loved that all of the teachers donated "gifts of time" to the auction.  We won a "gift of time" from Hannah's teacher and she came over to read Hannah her favorite bedtime story.  It was a special evening for Hannah to have her teacher come to the house.
Hannah brings home two books every day from school that she has to read.  Last week she brought a book about ostriches home and it had a picture of an ostrich face on the front of it.  Evan looked at the book and said "me no like it" and started crying.  He kept saying over and over "me no like it".  Scott was gone that evening and the first thing Evan told him about the next morning was the ostrich book and he had tears in his eyes again.  He really does not like ostriches.  When Hannah came home from school he asked her right away about the book and he was relieved that she brought a different book home.  I don't like the either Evan!

Nora loves to be outside as well and enjoys the swing when Evan is not napping in it. Haha!

We are slowly introducing solids......Nora has had apples, sweet potatoes, carrots and oatmeal.  She eats some solids once a day for dinner.  We will work our way up soon!
She likes the messiness
We were at Sam's Club yesterday and the kids were not listening very well.  After we told them that they will get in trouble and won't get a treat later in the day Hannah said "Nora is the goodest kid, I am the second goodest and Evan is the worst".  That made us laugh!

Saturday morning Starbucks run with the entire family
First time out on the boat this year.  Nora enjoyed her first boat ride. We had a little picnic lunch on the boat.
This swing on the boat has served all three kids well now.....and we are not driving while the kids are in it (just in case you are wondering)
We were going for a walk a few weeks ago and stopped at our neighbors house to play.  The kids had so much fun playing in the driveway.  I love those kind of evenings.  Kate is a photographer and snapped these pictures of Nora and myself.  I love them!
Splash park and ice cream fun
A couple more stories from these two that I don't want to forget.
Hannah had track and field day last Friday.  When I picked her up from school on Thursday her teacher approached me and said that Hannah had a lot of questions about the dress code for track and field day.  She was very concerned about it.  She wanted to know if she could wear a dress.  After her teacher told her that it would be best to wear shorts, tshirt and tennis shoes she asked if she could at least bring a dress and change into that afterwards.  She then asked me if she could at least wear shorts that look like a skirt from the front. This girl does not like pants!  I laid out her athletic clothes for her (the one pair of shorts she owns) and she told me that this outfit was not cute at all.  I told her that she was not going to a fashion show, but she didn't care.

Evan took a nice fall the other day and his knee was bleeding pretty good.  A few hours later he was sitting in the swing (I was trying to get him to take a nap again) and he was looking for his owie.  Since he was buckled up in the swing he couldn't lean over far enough to see it.  He said "Mama owie gone, me lost it!"

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