Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dear Hannah

Dear Hannah,
Last week you turned 6 years old.  How is that possible?  I remember your birth like it was yesterday.  You were really excited for your birthday and could not wait.  You requested your birthday table (this is something I always had has a kid.....a little table set up when you wake up with your presents, candles and flowers).  You also asked for a donut for breakfast and for mommy and daddy to come eat lunch with you at school.  We had a wonderful day celebrating you.  It was finally hot out and we played outside after school for a long time and then took you for ice cream after dinner.  You are a very special little girl and we love you to the moon and back.  You are very sweet and caring with the right splash of sass mixed in (don't get me wrong, you can still throw a good tantrum and push our buttons).  You are the best and most patient big sister.  Your brother loves you so much and wants to do everything you do.  He copies EVERYTHING you do.  You are funny and smart.  You are reading pretty well and you love math (you practice math problems every night in the shower by writing them on the glass shower wall).  You are almost done with Kindergarten (just 7 more school days).  I do think I will get a little emotional when you graduate from Kindergarten.  The year went by so fast.  You have grown and learned so much and we are very proud of you.  You have earned several awards at school and have clipped up to pink (the highest color) so many really thrive on the clip chart system at school (doesn't work the same way at home for some reason).  You get very upset when we get mad at you or if you feel you disappointed somebody.  You are very sensitive and get your feelings hurt easily.  We are working on "letting thing go" a little easier.

Your birthday table
We let you open a couple of gifts before school.....
You had been asking for high heels (you are 6 going on 16) and I found these little Elsa shoes with a small heel and you love them!

Birthday donut

This birthday worked out pretty good for your brother too since he got a donut and ice cream as well
You really want to let your hair grow out and it is getting to a point where we can start to do something with it.....
You look even more grown up in a pony tail......this was your track and field day outfit that you were not happy about wearing
Please don't change a bit sweet Hannah, you are perfect just the way you are.  We are so proud to be your parents and love you to the moon and back.
Mom and Dad

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