Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nora is 7 Months Already

I am not ok with how fast Nora is getting bigger.  It seems to go even faster with the third child.  She is such a sweet little baby and the perfect addition to our family.
  And she is pretty cute
She sits very well unsupported.  She will stay on all fours if you put her there, but she does not do it on her own yet.  She rolls everywhere.  She loves to play and watch her older siblings.....they are pretty entertaining to her.  She likes to talk and squeal.
Evan has been really sweet to her and gives her lots of hugs and kisses.  He does not like it when she cries and he says "mama your baby is crying".  He tries to comfort her, but most of the time he makes her tumble over when he does it.
It doesn't get any cuter than this......
Hannah is always very sweet to her and gets very excited when she does something new.  She is her biggest cheerleader.
She has her two bottom teeth.  She eats solids once a day for dinner.  We have added banana, spinach and green beans and she has had her first mum mum's.  She likes being part of the dinner table.  

I cannot get enough of this little girl.  I wish I could keep her this little for just a while longer.
She has been sleeping great at night.  I usually only have to get up once around 4:30 or 5.  We need to work on her daytime napping though.  She is like her brother and only takes 30min naps and by late afternoon she is just exhausted and a little cranky.
She is probably around 18lbs now.  We like the chunky and bald babies around here. 

Photos by Katie Cole photography

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