Thursday, June 18, 2015

2 More Months Until The Big Move

We are getting closer to finishing the new house and are planning on moving in 2 months.  I am dreading the move just a little bit, but it will be a good opportunity to de-clutter again.  It is amazing how much stuff we have already accumulated again after our move 3 years ago.

Lots of tile and stone work has been going on

The exterior trim is finished and the house is ready to be painted....
The staircase has been quite the project
Playroom is taking on shape......

Hannah's room before the paint......
......and after
Evan's Firetruck bed....I can't wait to see it finished
More outside pictures....
The pool has had LOTS of rain water in it.......
The painters have been busy on the upstairs....Master bath
Master bedroom
The rounded room with kids desks....
Nora's room (those boxes will have wallpaper in them)
Laundry room
The mudroom tile is one of our favorites

In the meantime this happened at our current house.....very exciting news!

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