Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sweet Summer Break

I am really enjoying having Hannah home for the summer.  I miss her during the school days.  She adds just the perfect amount of chaos to our everyday life......

I recently read this great Blog post on about doing a "crayon day" all based around the book "The day the crayons quit" and I loved it.  So, I ordered the book and copied pretty much everything she did.  I wish I could take credit for creativity, but I had nothing to add:)

Here is the list of things we did throughout the day
I highly recommend this book.  The kids love it and I think its pretty funny and cute too.

We read the book first thing in the morning and colored with crayons.  Then we went out for donuts with sprinkles.  While eating the donuts we talked about the different colored sprinkles and what story that colored crayon had.
The kids got to watch Mr Rogers show on how the crayons are made.  
We colored with the white crayon on cardstock paper and then used watercolors to paint the paper and make the white outlines appear.
We colored the big crayons I made the day before and wrote the name of the color on it and then drew things that represented that color (or in Evan's case we just scribbled all over it)
We found all of the broken crayons in our house (which was a nice scavenger hunt) and peeled off the paper and put them in muffin tins and baked for 10min at 250 degrees to make new colorful crayons.  This was really fun.
We played the "who am I game" and graphed all the colors.
If you want more details on this you should read momfessionals post here

We have also squeezed in a visit to the fire station.  Evan has been obsessed with fire trucks, so Mr Chase offered to give us a tour.  It was so interesting and fun.  Evan still talks about it very day now (even though he was all shy when we were there)
Smiley girl enjoyed the tour too
Last weekend we went blackberry and raspberry picking.  
Trying to get a selfie with 5 people is not easy (need to get a selfie stick.hahaha)
Nora tried her first blackberry.....she liked it and only got "a little bit" of blackberry juice on herself
Since I am taking the girls ahead of time to Germany we decided for Scott to take Hannah on a little date night and I took Evan on a little date (and had Nora with me).  Scott and Hannah went out to dinner and see Inside Out and I took Evan to Jump Zone.
Evan was putting on Hannah's princess shoes to get ready for our date:)
All Evan wanted to do at Jump Zone was this Hurricane Simulator
I got a little bit of one on one time with Hannah when I took her to build a bear to get a bear stuffed that she got for her birthday

We also went to Little Giggles and had lots of fun and built a fort for Miss Nora
Yesterday we had the Kona ice truck come to our house and had lots of friends come to enjoy a snow cone treat (we bought this at Hannah's school auction)
Then the kids got the water hose out.....and Evan put his floaties on.....he thought we were going swimming and he insisted on putting floaties on even though they only played with the water hose.  Safety first!
The kids were cleaning up the other night before bedtime and I asked Evan to please throw away a half eaten cracker that was sitting on the couch and he said "me can't.  my hands get dirty"......says the boy who touches/messes with everything, plays in every puddle and doesn't care if a popsicle runs all over his face and body:)

We are loving summer time!

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