Monday, June 29, 2015

Life Lately

I like doing these Life Lately posts, its' a great way to catch up.  We have been busy enjoying summer and marking things off our bucket list.

Girlfriend has tried spinach and likes it (I may have put a little applesauce in it to sweeten the deal)
I wish I could bottle up her smile.  It is just so sweet.  The morning smile when I go get her out of her crib is the Best!
We went on a little Sunday morning hike at Tanyard creek.  It is so beautiful and peaceful there (until we show up with our three kids)
Hannah bought the dress she is wearing in these pictures at a garage sale with her tooth fairy money.  It has become her favorite dress and I caught her getting it out of the dirty laundry yesterday to put it on.  I have a feeling you will see this dress in a lot of pictures.
On one of Hannah's last days of school she asked me in the mornings to bring my credit card, so I can walk her into her classroom (she meant my drivers license that you have to show to enter the school). We were going for a walk and there was a cloth line with a bunch of socks and shirts hanging on it in somebody's backyard and Hannah asked "Is that how old people dry their clothes?"
These are the moments when I realize that she is still little, even though she is growing up way too fast. There are still some things she mispronounces and I don't correct her (I probably should).......I just want to keep her little a while longer!

Hannah spent a few days with grandma right after school got out and Scott was also out of town, so it was just me and the two littles for a weekend.  We had a great time.  We went to the Fayetteville Farmers Market with Casey and Cameron for the morning and had a lot of fun.
These two enjoyed playing in this bucket of water in front of a hair salon (I am pretty sure they were just catching the condensation from the air conditioner in this bucket).  They were both soaked and took their clothes off afterwards.  Oh, to be little again!
We stopped for a treat at the Little Bakery and Evan picked this giant cookie.  He had about two bites and then decided that he would rather have Casey's quiche.  Thanks Casey for sharing with him.
We also went into the new Lululemon showroom in Faytteville and I tried on a few things.  Evan was in the dressing room with me and I went outside to check the mirror.  A minute later Evan appeared from the dressing room in just his diaper and started running around the store.  

Evan and I enjoyed a night swim after we put Nora to bed and the next day all three of us went swimming.
Good thing all of our kids like the water, because the pool provides hours of entertainment. 
Next year this little girl will be ready for swim lessons too.
Then we went for a hair cut
In the meantime Hannah had fun at grandma's......White Water (Hannah has talked about the funnel cake at white water since grandma took her there last summer), Little Mermaid show and lots of swimming
Evan and Hannah both have had some swim lessons this year

We were checking out at the pediatrician's office a few weeks ago and Evan got a sticker that he had in his hands.  I asked him to hold his drink bottle and he said "oh mom I have my hands full".....he must have heard that a few times from me.

Yoghurt is good and messy

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