Monday, August 3, 2015

A Visit To The Queen

A visit to the queen is what Hannah was hoping for when we told her that we were going to see Ashley in London and that there is still a real King and Queen in England.  When we told her that would not be possible, she asked if she could at least see the Princess.  During our trip she kept asking why she can't go see them.  At least we did visit Buckingham Palace.

We took the train from Cologne to Brussels and then the Eurostar over to London.  We had a few delays on the way there, which caused for an adventurous change of trains in Brussels, but we made it. We had some lunch at a pub and then headed to the Waldorf (where we stayed) to let the kids rest up a little.
Ready to explore London
We walked down to the London Eye
It is so hard to get all 5 of us to look in a picture
After the Eye we headed to dinner and called it a night.  The next morning we walked to Buckingham Palace and didn't realize that we would be there for the changing of the guards.  I can't believe how packed it gets for that. I have been several times, but I don't remember it getting this packed.
The kids enjoyed the horses and uniforms.
Big Ben
This was as close as Hannah got to the Princess.....
We also visited the Princess Diana Memorial playground inside Hyde Park, which was a lot of fun.  We met my friend Nina for dinner that night and I am so happy we got to see her.  
The next morning we went to the Tower and Tower bridge for a little bit before heading back to the train station.  It was a quick and fun trip to London.  It was so great to see Ashley and I know she has had a lot of visitors, but she had never done London with three little kids. Quite the experience!

Thanks Ashley for bing our tour guide again.

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  1. So fun!!! I'm sure Ashley loved having you guys there even if it was wild:))). Ashley looks so British these days...:)))