Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wrapping Up Germany

After our trip to London we had a few more days in Cologne.  We visited the Phantasialand theme park with the whole family.  We have been going the last few years and we all really enjoy it.  I remember the park from when I was a kid and it is still fun.
Hannah and I got some jumping in
Then we moved on to face painting
And I just realized that those are the only pictures I have from that day.  There are quite a few rides that Hannah and Evan both can ride.  It was really hot out, so after lunch we were all pretty beat and had some ice cream and then headed back home.  
Scott and I went out to dinner with my brother and Joerg and all three kids stayed with my parents.  We went to Oma Kleinman's for Schnitzel.
The Schnitzel is bigger than my head
No trip to Germany is complete without a trip to the costume store
Miss Nora turned 8 months old while we were in Germany.  She started crawling and pulling up the day before we went back home.  It made for an exhausting plane ride, because she just wanted down to practice her new skills.
She also got 3 new teeth while we were in Germany
She was a trooper though and did great on our trip back.  She also adjusted back to Arkansas time pretty quickly.  

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