Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Life Lately.....

Life Lately has been very busy.  We moved into the new house 4 weeks ago and we are getting settled.  We love it and it is feeling like home already.  I do know that I don't want to move again anytime soon.  I think I said that last time as well, but we really mean it this time.
I will be sharing some more house pictures now that we have moved in next time.

Evan is still into anything fire station and fire trucks.  His favorite game is playing fire fighter.  We have to draw a fire or something on fire with chalk on the sidewalk and he will get the hose to put out the fire.  He will play this for hours!
Evan thought the moving boxes were a jungle gym.....he also kept opening boxes to look for his "big fire truck".  I taped up the same boxes countless times.
Right after you move and can't find a thing......going to the doctor in swim trunks and cowboy boots.
Evan started preschool.  He was not very happy the first few times and cried quite a bit.  He is getting much better and I think he actually likes it now, but he still won't eat there.  He says he wants us to come pick him up when its lunch time.  So, he still cries at lunch time and won't eat, but mornings at home on school days and drop offs have become much better.  He got really upset on the second day of school when I told him he had school that he hid in the house and was super quiet.  I found him hiding inside of the slide, because he didn't want to go.  
He sure looks cute with his backpack.\
I just realized that everything has been about Evan.  Time to change that.
Hannah wanted me to take a picture after she got done eating and ad ketchup all over her face.  She has also lost another tooth!
We had Hellen and family come to visit from Florida for a weekend.  We had so much fun, but I did not get a lot of pictures.  We squeezed in some time at the amazeum, the downtown square, the crystal bridges trail and a speed walk through the museum and some lake time.
All of the kids minus Nora
Sweet Nora is 10 months old.  She is such a happy little girl.  Her personality comes through more and more.  She is very curious and into everything.  She never sits still and therefore is not really a cuddler.  She is always on the move.  She cruises along furniture and lets go for a few seconds.......
she is a really good eater and does not like baby food.  She has moved on......she won't eat anything you try to feed her with a spoon, she wants to do it all by herself.
She shakes her head when you say "no no no no".  She also likes to wave at everybody.
I can't believe we are two short months away from celebrating Nora's first birthday.  How is this possible?  She is such a smiley little girl. Maybe we should have a smiley face themed first birthday party?????

A little afternoon ice cream food coloring can do some crazy glad I don't have to change those diapers anymore.  Evan is potty trained (he will have the occasional accident, but is doing really really well).
Since we don't have any landscaping yet Evan has enjoyed all of the dirt and mud to play in.

This crazy boy has also received great news on his heart.  They did another echo 2 weeks ago and his heart is completely healthy and looks normal and he is no longer a cardiology patient.  Nephrology will continue to do echo's once a year due to his high blood pressure, but from a cardiology standpoint he is all good!
He is talking up a storm now and says the funniest things.  I need to start writing them down, so I can document them.  He has me laughing all of the time.

Hannah started horse back riding lessons last week.  She loves it.  The only time we get Hannah to wear pants.  She still only wears dresses and she often tells me that I should dress up more.  She has asked me kindly to please not pick her up from school in gym clothes. Ha!
During her second lesson she already started trotting.....
Of course Evan wanted to participate too and kept asking when it is his turn.  They let him ride the pony back to the barn
Labor day weekend we went to see Morgan sing, but it was super hot out, so we didn't make it for the entire concert.  Hopefully next time we can see her sing more.
Sunscreen and sweat is always a good combination.

It feels good to be caught up on the blog.  Now that the move and unpacking is behind us I am hoping to stay caught up.

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