Friday, October 23, 2015

New York City Part 2

We slept in a little the next day and made a Starbucks stop before heading to see Lady Liberty.  We took the Subway down to Battery Park and then hopped on the ferry.  The weather was perfect for walking around and exploring the city.
Looking like a local with Starbucks in hand and running shoes on…..
Hannah had learned about the Statue of Liberty in school, so it was exciting to her to see her in real life.
Selfie……we saw quite a few selfie sticks in NYC, but not nearly as many as we saw in London this summer:)
Here she is in all her glory
This mask was a little creepy…..

After we got back we walked over to the 9/11 memorial.  The last time I was in NYC they were still finalizing the plans on what to do at ground zero.  I have been to this spot before 9/11, a few months after and then a couple times since then, but not since the memorial was completed.  Being in that spot is breathtaking every time.  I think they did a wonderful job with the memorial.  Pictures just don't do it justice.  We talked a lot to Hannah about what happened and she had a lot of questions.
From there we walked to Little Italy for some lunch before heading back to the hotel for a quick rest. After our rest we walked back to the American Girl Doll store (and the christmas list got even longer) before heading to Central Park for a little bit.  We all climbed on of the big rocks.

Then we walked over to Rockefeller Center to ice skate.  Hannah had been looking forward to this all day.  It took us a few laps to get into the groove of things again, but then we had a great time.  Hannah started spinning around towards the end…..Scott went to get a few beers while we ice skated.
After ice skating we worked up an appetite for some dinner and some silly faces
One more stop at Times Square before heading back to the hotel.
The next morning we slept in again and didn't get to Rockefeller Center until 9am.  So, we missed the outside segments of the Today show.  But we were able to peek inside and saw Kate Hudson and Michael Kors.  Then we stopped to buy a few more souvenirs before heading to the airport.

We had such a good time and loved spending the one on one time with Hannah.  I hope this trip is something she will remember for a long time! We were all ready to get home and see the two little ones!

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