Monday, October 19, 2015

Welcome to New York…….

As soon as we got to NYC last week I had the Taylor Swift song "Welcome to New York" stuck in my head.  I wanted to play it for Hannah in the cab on the way to the city, but she was too embarrassed and didn't want me to do that.

We had such a wonderful trip to NYC with Hannah.  We packed in a lot for a couple of days and enjoyed spending some one on one time with our big girl.  We had an early flight on Tuesday morning and were in the city by 11am.  We dropped our bags at the hotel and headed out to the Empire State building.  We stayed at the Waldorf, which was in a perfect location.  We were able to walk almost anywhere.

I have been to NYC quite a few times, but the city still amazes me every time.  I love to walk around and explore.  The view from the Empire State building never gets old.  The sun was out when we first started our venture up the building, but by the time we got up there it was pretty cloudy.
After the Empire State building we enjoyed a late lunch before heading back to the hotel for a little rest (since we had to get up at 4:30am to catch our flight).
The Waldorf was nice and in a perfect location.
After our rest we got ready to go see Wicked on Broadway.  We had a drink at the bar before heading out.  On our walk to Broadway we stopped at the American Girl doll store and now we have a huge christmas list from Hannah!
We had great seats and loved the show.  I thought Hannah would get tired since it's almost 3 hours, but she loved it and wanted to go see another show the next day.
After the show we walked over to Times Square and hit the M&M store to pick out a gif for Evan……we found the perfect firefighter M&M dispenser for him.  After that we were ready to hit the hay since it was almost midnight.
Back at the hotel…...
I will recap the rest of our trip next time.

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