Friday, November 6, 2015

Fall Favorites

We have enjoyed lots of Fall activities leading up to Halloween.  Hannah started counting down the days to Halloween 23 days before.  Every morning when I woke her up she would tell me how many more days until Halloween.  Evan was also very excited, but I don't think he really knew what he was excited about, he just copied Hannah's enthusiasm.  We did practice trick or treating at home and he thought that was fun.  He would always say "trick or treating" when we answered the door.

We decorated and carved lots of pumpkins.  
Sunday Funday with good friends is always a blast.  I remember when we all hung out and there were no kids, now there are too many to count:).  
Evan's typical "cheese" face with his eyes closed
The finished pumpkin
Little Girl was having fun in the Cozy Coupe!

We carved a Royals pumpkin in honor of the World Series (this was obviously before they took the crown) and a Paw Patrol (this is Chase)!  Kids were happy with the results.  We lost them though when we were gutting the pumpkins…….the only one interested in that was Nora.
She is always in the middle of things
As we were cutting the pumping open Evan said "Maybe there is apple pie in there guys".  We couldn't stop laughing.  He then told me that he read a book about that at school.  I asked his teacher what book they read and she just said it was a book about pumpkins and pumpkin pie.  So,  to him it all made sense and there had to be pie in there.  Pumpkin or Apple, same difference:)

Evan had a little pumpkin patch party at school.  He is tarting to really like school even though he still says he doesn't want to go.  Every time we drive by his school he says "Hi Evan's school".  
Last time I wrote that Evan always get completely naked when he uses the bathroom at home.  Thankfully he does not do that in public, but he will just pull his pants down if we are somewhere outside and he has to go.  We were at "Mogan's pizza truck" (that's how Evan says it) the other day and he just pulled his pants down on their patio.  Thankfully I was able to grab him quickly before it was too late and take him to the restroom.  He has also done this on the town square.  Never a dull moment.

We celebrated Calvin's second birthday.  The kids decorated a hat.  Evan put stickers all over the outside and inside.

Always fun with this crew

Just a random picture…...Hat day at school
Hannah still enjoys her horseback riding lessons and Evan loves to go out there.  Lots of animals and dirt to play around in.  This shirt is perfect "Dirt is my favorite color"
Mr Mike sometimes lets Evan help and he loves that.  Evan is happiest when he can help out, especially if that involved some sort of tools.  You can't fool him though if you are trying to give him "busy work".  No, he really wants to help out and do it all by himself.
He was able to help Mr Mike on the "mower" (that's what he calls the RTV).
Mr Mike told Hannah "Good thinking honey" and then I heard Evan say "Good thinking honey Hannah".
Meanwhile Nora had a visit from some kittens
Both of the older kids enjoy the show Paw Patrol.  When I saw that they were going to have the pups at the local Walmart last week I decided to surprise the kids and take them after school.  I did not tell them where we were going.  When we pulled into the Walmart parking lot Hannah started complaining, because she does not like to go shopping at Walmart until she saw the Paw Patrol bus.  They were both really excited.

There was a long line, but it was moving pretty fast, so I was happy.  Then when there were 3 more kids in front of us they announced that the pups had to take a 30min break.  Are you kidding me?  30min is a very long time with 3 little monsters in tow.  We made it and got to meet Marshall for about 10 seconds.  The kids thought it was still worth it, so it was worth it to me!
This is what the line looks like after a 30min break.
Nora was just playing with my Starbucks cup……looks like she is drinking some coffee
This has gotten really long already, so I will work through Halloween next time.

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