Monday, November 9, 2015


We had a wonderful Halloween and the kids enjoyed it so much this year.  The night before Halloween was the Fall Carnival at Hannah's school.  The kids had been looking forward to that for a long time.  We made it a family affair and everybody dressed up…..because why not?
Hannah's class booth

The carnival is always mass chaos, but the kids love it.  
We had a fire fighter (surprise I know)

A little bumble bee
And a witch
Getting a little pink and green hair make-over
Sweet Kindergarten friends

On Halloween night we had some friends over for dinner and trick or treating.  It was a fun night and I only got a few pictures to prove it.
We switched it up for trick or treating and dressed up as elephants.

Evan was the fastest trick or treater.  We and a big group of kids and he was always way ahead.  He would go up to the door and say "trick or treating".

The kids got an unbelievable amount if candy this year (we will be donating a lot of that to the schools christmas parade float).  We did do a little candy experiment the day after Halloween and Hannah and Evan really enjoyed that.
I printed off a chart online and the kids had to guess whether the candy was going to sink or float before doing the experiment.  They thought this was a lot of fun.
Sink or Float?

Using her thinking cap to determine if the candy will sink or float……she got it right and knew it would float if it had air pockets in it
Nora really wanted to eat the candy

That sums up our Halloween this year!

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