Monday, November 30, 2015

Life Lately

I have had some fun girl time in the last few weeks.  

We did a French Macaron making class with the lovely Mary from Mary's Little Sweets and had so much fun.  It has been great re-connecting with these lovely ladies. 
Lots of catching up, wine drinking and baking.  Perfect Sunday afternoon. 
Thanks to Dana for all of the fun pictures.
 Our Macaron's turned out perfect thanks to our teacher Mary……
We did strawberry and blackberry filling
Look at the beauties
Thanks for a fun afternoon ladies!

I also hosted a craft night at our house and we made holiday door hangers. Allison from Designer Vinyl provided the kit and directions and we went to town painting our door hangers.
Here is the finished product.
And here it is on our side entry door.

We went to the lighting of the square and watched the opening of the ice skating rink afterwards.  Scott stayed home with Nora, because it was really cold out.  Hannah and Evan both enjoyed the figure skating show. She starts ice skating lessons again today, but now she really wants to learn how to figure skate.

This little girl is a full time walker now

Evan has been really funny lately.  Here are a few of the things he has said that have made us laugh.I was going to post a picture of him, but all my recent pictures are of him naked.  He still takes all of his clothes off every time he goes to the bathroom and then he says he is not cold, so he doesn't want to put them back on.

I had a diet coke sitting on the kitchen counter for a while and I was busy putting up christmas decorations.  He came and asked if he could have one sip.  I said "Evan I am sure you already had a sip by now"  Evan said "No I didn't" .Pause.  "I had lots".  At least he was honest!

He was helping me cook and I had a bowl of fresh parmesan cheese on the counter.  I saw him eating it out of the bowl and he said "It's my lucky day"

He really wanted to get his hair cut yesterday morning, but the place was not opened yet.  He said "If I don't get my hair cut its going to be ruined". Pause.  "It's going to turn into Hannah's hair".

"I had too much water now I get one Sprite"
I love going back and reading all of the funny things the kids have said.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We ran the 5k turkey trot in the morning and then had dinner at Matt and Casey's house.  Thank you for having our crazy and loud family over.  I did not get any pictures.

I have been running more again lately and really enjoy it.  I signed up for the Bentonville Half Marathon in April.
I had a really good time for my 5k especially since I was pushing Nora.
Jennifer's mom got a picture of me at the finish line…...
And this finally happened……we filled our pool with water.  I was trying to talk some people into doing the polar plunge, but nobody went for it.

We have been busy decorating the house for Christmas.  Our house will be in the Junior League Winter Dreams Tour of Homes next weekend.  I will share some pictures next time.

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