Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Our Little Pumpkin Turned One

Our little pumpkin Nora is ONE.  I still don't know how that is possible.  It seems to go faster with every kid.  She is such a joy and the perfect addition to our crazy family.  She is so happy and smiley most of the time.  She does not put up with much from her older siblings.  She can hold her own!  We hear Evan say "mama baby Noah is bothering me"  "mama baby Noah is picking on me" and I have to laugh every time (he still pronounces her name Noah).  Evan won't ride in the bike trailer with her anymore, because she picks on him. Ha!

She started walking a few days before her first birthday and is getting better steadier and faster every day.  She is also a climber.  I think she has watched her brother a little too much.

We celebrated baby girl with a Pumpkin themed brunch
Her Stats Poster reads:
I weigh 21 lbs
I am 30 inches tall
I love: smiling, playing with my siblings, dancing to music, bath time, the play kitchen, emptying every drawer and cabinet
I can say: Mama, Dada, Hi, Bye, No
My first word: Bye
Favorite Toy: Starbucks cup (she loves to play with an empt cup just like Evan used to)
Favorite Book: Der Kleine Eisbaer (she really doesn't like to read, she doesn't have time for that but this is one of the few books she enjoys)
I have 11 teeth

Look at this gorgeous cake Mara made.  I almost didn't want to cut into it.  But we did and it was delicious.
The smash cake
Cake time
Nora did not even try her cake.  She started to throw it on the ground.
She just played with it for a while….and then she was done!

Everybody else enjoyed the cake

We did not even get a family picture of all 5 of us.  The other two were too busy.
After everybody left we gave her a cake pop and she enjoyed every bite of it
Look at this adorable coat she got for her birthday from Ms Morgan!
She is styling
Happy birthday sweet girl!

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