Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Calling All Fire Fighters

Well, January has come and gone.  How is it possible that time seems to go faster and faster with every year????  We have had a pretty mild winter, but I am still ready for Spring. We would like to have at least one snow day, so we need the snow to hurry up and get here.  Every year after Christmas I feel like winter should be over even though it just started.
We celebrated Evan's third birthday in January with a tour of the Fire station and ice cream bar afterwards.  Evan still loves anything related to fire trucks, fire stations and fire fighters. We make frequent visits to the fire station and they are always so nice to us and take the time to show us around (we started bringing treats when we go now).

Evan was all decked out to go to the station for his birthday party

All the kids at the fire station
Seeing how fast Oscar the fire fighter can get all of his gear on was the favorite part for all

Evan enjoyed checking out the recliners in the media room
Finishing up the tour in the conference room and our best shot at a group picture
Everybody was ready for ice cream afterwards
Here is the typical Evan "cheese" face
I didn't do a whole lot of decorations since we only came to the house for ice cream.  Hannah asked "is this all the decorations you have?"
Evan got to open one present on his birthday morning before going to school
He had two sisters eager to help him
So happy and excited
Evan got a sandbox for his birthday.  We had to make a few trips to Lowe's to get the sand to fill it.
These two are so cute together……Nora pushes his buttons all of the time and doesn't put up with anything.  Evan does not like to ride in the cart or stroller with her, because she picks on him!
Getting the sand box ready was hard work

It is so crazy to think back three years ago when Evan was born.  It seems like forever ago, but I can also still remember every single detail from our hospital stay.  I have been seeing timhop pictures on Facebook in the last few weeks from our stay at ACH in Little Rock and our homecoming.  Sure brings back a lot of emotions.  We are so thankful that we have such an active, wild, funny, cuddly, sweet and rough little boy.  He only has one good kidney and has to be on medication for high blood pressure every day (we are thankful that this is the only residual problems he has), but you would never know that he had such a rough start to life.  He is a fighter for sure!

He stopped taking naps long time ago, but sometimes he just can't help it

He keeps us busy day and night (unfortunately he is not a good sleeper)!

Hannah loves to play charades and Evan has really gotten into it too.  He comes up with some very creative things, but he also does the same things over and over.
He will lay flat on the ground and he is "pizza".  He gets very excited when we guess "pizza".  The other night he put on one of Scott's hats and he laid on the floor and he was "Daddy pizza"!

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