Friday, May 27, 2016

Parasailing and a cancelled flight…….

On what we thought was going to be our last day in Florida Scott and I went parasailing.  It was our 9th wedding anniversary and we thought that would be more memorable than going out to dinner.

So, we paid $25 extra to have somebody take pictures of us parasailing and I just tried to open the pictures on the memory card they gave us and its empty…..bummer!  Now I need to add to my list to call that place and get my $25 back……we will see how that goes.
So this is the only picture we have of our adventure.
.We enjoyed ice cream one more time that afternoon.
We went with a lighter color ice cream that day to avoid the chocolatey mess.
That evening we drove to Clearwater beach for the sunset celebration.  It didn't turn out quite as planned, because it was so busy and it took a very long time to find parking.  Then we didn't really have enough time for dinner before sunset, but we didn't want to wait until after sunset to eat with the kids.  So, we had a great dinner, but missed the sunset.  

We had to get up very early the next morning to catch our flight home, but we got an early morning surprise that our flight was cancelled and moved to the next morning.  I can't say I was upset about an extra day on the beach.  Luckily the condo was available for another night and we were able to just stay there.
So, on our extra day Hannah went parasailing with grandma Jeannie.  I was surprised that she wanted to do it.  She had a blast.  

Dipping her feet in the water during the ride was her favorite part
Then we enjoyed some more beach time and caught the sunset on the beach on our last night.  Perfect ending to a wonderful week on the beach.
Hannah kept sending Evan back to get more water and he must have gone back and forth a hundred times with a bucket full of water.
Our last dinner on the beach

We were strolling on the beach and saw this very creative girl building a mermaid tail.  She dug a hole in front of it, so you can kneel in it and it looks like you have a mermaid tail.  I was very impressed with her creativity.  Nora was the perfect size for it.

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