Friday, May 20, 2016

Suns out, guns out!

Suns out, guns out! is one of Evan's favorite sayings.  A few weeks ago we went to Florida during Hannah's May break to hit the beach and enjoy the sun.  Scott's parents came with us and we had such a wonderful week.  A beach trip with three little kids is not exactly relaxing, but having Scott's parents there made it so much nicer and easier.  We enjoyed a lot of sand time, pool time and ice cream time.  The kids are still talking about all of the fun we had.  We took a morning flight out of Springfield right into Clearwater and were able to still enjoy some afternoon beach time.
All three loved the sand and got busy right away.
This little girl loved the sand.  I think she still has sand in her hair even three weeks later.  She rolled around in the sand and had it on her face and in her eyelashes and she did not care.
More of the same thing the next day
Evan was playing on the beach and said he had to go potty, so we told him to just go in the water.  So, he walked up to the water and started to pull his pants down.  We told him that is not what we meant and to just pee in the water.  A few hours later we were at the pool and Scott and I were sitting on the edge watching the kids.  Evan then loudly and proudly proclaimed "Mama I just peed in the water".  Thankfully the people in the pool couldn't help but laugh.  
This is the face of a happy girl
She was chasing the seagulls and just laughing away.  Then a seagull started to fly towards her and she got scared and started running
We took Hannah and Evan on the pirate cruise while Nora stayed back with grandma and grandpa.
Evan sat front and center and kept asking questions that started with "Mr Pirate"
The kids loved it.  It is actually quite nice for the adults too.  They have a program for the kids and there is beer and wine on the ship, so it is essentially like having a babysitter/date on the pirate ship.
Evan was getting really tired and we thought for a minute that he was going to take a nap, but he never did
It was a fun afternoon for all
I made it my personal goal to eat seafood for every meal (except breakfast).  
Here is almost the entire crew before dinner
Happy girls in matching outfits
This view never gets old.  This was from our balcony.
We enjoyed some very good ice cream as well.  Not sure if Evan actually ate any of it.
This girl has no fear and would just jump into the pool.
Why is it that kids always want to go to the pool even with a beautiful beach and ocean right in from of them?  Scott told Hannah we have a pool at home, but we don't have the beach.  Her answer was "but we have a sandbox too"
Hannah wanted to get changed down by the pool and asked grandpa who was in the condo to throw down a bathing suit.  The wind caught the suit and it landed on the palm tree.  
Well, in our minds that was a case for "emergency only".
Grandpa saved the bathing suit
After dinner beach and sunset time
The kids got to pet this giant lizard (to whatever it was)
I will finish up with our last day next time.
I am so sad that this was our last year of May break.  We have loved the "non traditional/year round" school calendar so much.  At least we made the best of it this year one last time.

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