Thursday, September 22, 2016

Kids Quotes and Some More Life Lately

I have been collecting a few kids quotes that made me laugh.  Evan is in the this stage where he says a lot of funny things.  I love going back on old blog posts and read Hannah quotes.  I always think that I will remember, but the truth is I don't unless I write it down.

Evan told me the other day "I love you to McDonald's, chick fil a, the ice cream place and back".  Apparently the moon is not good enough.
This is the best cheese face we get from him

He was on the swing and I asked him to please come in and his answer was "I can't hear you my swing is going really fast"

He loves to fish on the boat……he has never caught anything, but has not given up yet

I found some toys in the kids shoes basket and asked Evan "what's that doing in there?".  He replied "Maybe its just waiting for us"

We had to go to the bank last Friday and when we walked in Evan screamed with delight "It's my lucky day"……all because they had popcorn on Friday's.

I asked him to please clean up and he said "Oh why do I always have to do what you wanna do".  He is showing a little bit of attitude:)

Morgan took Evan on a little date a few weeks ago (the girls will get their turn too).  He was so excited and wanted to put on a fancy shirt and spike his hair and said "how about some cologne".  It was very sweet.  Hannah said "Oh man the little boy is growing up".

This little girl is all grown up too.  She is loving second grade.
Nora did not want to take a picture that morning

Here he is all ready for his date.  And then he chose to go to McDonald's:)

This girl is just funny even without saying full sentences.  She is learning more words every day and she is very vocal.  She sure knows how to put her older siblings in their place.  She is a feisty firecracker and we will have our work cut with her.
She helped in the garden

More dirty faces

Evan and Nora started preschool twice a week.  Their classes eat lunch together and the teachers always tell me how sweet they are to each other.  They act like they haven't seen each other in weeks.  They sit at different tables, but wave at each other.  Melts my heart.

First day of preschool.  Drop off went well the first day and then the next few times it was tough.  Now she just walks right in.  Evan was doing great the first few weeks and now started to be a little sad at drop off.  Maybe one day we will have happy kids all around.
Evan's first day

These two wanted to sun bathe…..this lasted for maybe 30 seconds

The kids always enjoy the building workshops at Lowe's and Home Depot.  
My dad would have really enjoyed this picture of Nora with a hammer.

We went for a little picnic at the creek
And rock throwing
It's really retry back there and cool.  The creek water is super cold, but Evan and Nora still went in
Nora is starting to get a little attached to this baby doll.  I have never had a kid that got attached to anything, so I am hoping its just a phase.  I was always happy that we didn't have to keep track of a "favorite thing" so far.

Evan started soccer.  He did really well the first time and then the second practice he was already tired of it.  He said he wanted to play a game and score some goals.
Hannah didn't really care for soccer either at age 3.  I am wondering if it is just a little too young (even though other kids seem to do just fine).  These kids are half German, we need at least one soccer player:)

I surprised the kids with this zombie on a toilet thing last week.  It has provided lots of entertainment.  If you see this thing at Wal-Mart give it a try, it is hilarious. Oh and I didn't take this picture, I just found it (and 500 others) on my camera roll right now.
Enjoying the last few days of summer with some more ice cream and s'mores

Lake days are almost over too

Brave little Nora surfing with me.  The two older kids went, so she wanted to go too.  Good thing you only go 10mph, so it is almost impossible to get hurt.  She loved it and kept saying "again"

Nora and I took a selfie at Silver Dollar City while the big kids rode some rides
Checking out grandpa's pond

Evan came up with this great idea to build an obstacle course.  So, I went on Pinterest to get some ideas and we came up with our own obstacle course.  He loved it.
First you had to crawl under these strings
Then do a somersault on the towel and hop from one wood piece to the next
Climb over the ladder and through the tunnel
Walk over the little bench and then toss the rings in the bucket.
I timed him a few times and really enjoyed that.  
And then Nora started destroying the course.  We left the course up and tried to make it a little harder for Hannah, so she could enjoy it after school too.

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