Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Weekend Recap- Farm Edition

Last weekend we drove up to Independence, KS to visit Scott's uncle and his family.  We spent the day out on the farm before attending the Barn Party at night.  Matt and Casey and Cameron and Alex came with us and enjoyed the nice day.  The kids had a blast out on the farm.  The weather was beautiful and we hung out riding horses, riding the Gator, fishing and feeding the animals. Thank you Jim, Staci and Bryan for having us.  Scott's dad grew up in Independence and Scott has lots of great childhood memories of visiting there.  It was fun for him to reminisce about all of the good times he had on the farm.

Hannah was very excited to ride a horse.  Jim took her out for a ride.
Hannah loved it and did not want to get of the horse.  So, I got on with her.  Scott took this nice picture of me getting on the horse :).  My jeans were a little tight.  Haha
In the meantime these two little crazies loved riding the John Deere tractor
Evan took Cameron for a ride too

Evan got on the horse with Hannah too

Scott was excited to see Evan up on the horse, because he remembered a picture of himself with Uncle Jim on the horse when he was about Evan's age.  I dug up the photo today.  It is fun to see the kids create special memories that they will remember the rest of their lives.
I wish we would have remembered the exact picture and we could have re-created it.

Evan went for a ride with Aunt Staci on the Gator.

Then we loaded up the truck to ride out to the pond to do some fishing.

We did not catch any fish, but Hannah and Evan both got stuck in the mud.
It doesn't get any better than this. Signs of a great day!

We hosed these two off with some nice cold water. Evan then ran around in his underwear the rest of the day (and that's how he checked into our hotel)

At least these two didn't get all muddy (even though they smelled at the end of the day too)

The adults plus baby Alex headed to the Barn Party for a bit at night.  The other kids stayed in the hotel room with babysitters.

This party is huge and they had great BBQ and a fun band.

The next morning we headed to the playground.  Scott remembered all of these slides from when he was little.

After that we headed back to uncle Jim's house and the kids got to ride in the Gator to go feed all of the animals.  After that we drove over to Scott's grandma's farm property.  The house was taken by a tornado several years ago, but there is still a machine shed and a little rock house that his grandmother used to store canned goods in.  There are still canned pickles in this little house/shed now.

I think we wore Nora and Evan out that weekend.  They slept the entire 2 hour drive home (bedtime wasn't as fun that night).

It was a great, fun family weekend.

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  1. How fun!!! I love that pic of Scott when he was little and the one of Evan- so so cute. Such sweet memories!! (Those slides are huge- I'm not surprised he remembered them from when he was a kid!)