Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving and Reindeer Games

We went on a little road trip to Branson to spend Thanksgiving with Scott's family.  We left last Wednesday and started our mini vacation with a trip to Silver Dollar City.  It was a little chilly that day, but we still had a great time.  The Christmas lights at SDC are amazing.  We were so busy having fun that we didn't get any pictures.
On Thanksgiving morning most of the family ventured out to do a 5k Turkey Trot.  We left Nora at home with Aunt Allison and Uncle Barry, because she was running a low temp and had been up coughing a lot at night.  This was Hannah's first 5k.  Scott and I went to the front of the race, because we wanted to run it pretty hard.  Hannah she stayed with some of her aunts and uncles and cousins and grandma and grandpa pushed Evan in the stroller.
Pre-race pictures
It was a great race and I PR'd with 21 min and 18 seconds.  I placed first in my age group and missed the top three female finishers by 2 seconds.  Bummer, because that involved cash!

Hannah didn't make it all the way (the longest she ever ran before was about a mile……she didn't think she needed to practice. Ha), so her cousin Alex carried her on his shoulders to the finish line.

And Evan screamed the entire time for his daddy, so grandpa needed an Evan break after the race:)
And of course the rest of Thanksgiving day was spent cooking and eating.  

Our two little kids were up at the crack of dawn on Friday morning, so Scott and I decided to head out and do a little shopping.  By the time we got to the shopping area the craziness was over with and we actually enjoyed a little shopping and found a few good deals.

Friday afternoon we had a little birthday celebration for Nora with ice cream cake.
I ordered the cake from Dairy Queen and it was super cute.
After birthday cake we had our second annual Reindeer Games.  What a fun time.
Here is the board with the games listed.  We made it through 6 of them before we lost some interest.
1. Kids started by scooping some reindeer poop in the front yard (they used a spoon to scoop cocoa pebbles into a cup)
2.Christmas Tree stack-stack red Solo cups into a pyramid with one hand and then take it back down with one hand.  This turned into an intense race and came down to the last second.
3.Wrekaing Ball-this was everybody's favorite game.  Players had to put a stocking on their head with a tennis ball in it at the bottom of the foot.  You had to knock down some water bottles by moving your head.  This one was really funny to watch 
Here are Evan and Nora (she had to use her hand a little, because the stockings were to long for her) in action
4.  Face the cookie-everybody found a seat and put a cookie on their forehead.  You had to move the cookie into your mouth by only using your facial muscles, no hands.  I didn't get any pictures of theism, but I am sure it looked pretty funny.

5. Rudolph Nose-all players put a dab of vaseline on their nose and then had a string with with a red pom pom in their mouth and had to get the pom pom to stick to their nose without using hands.
6. Bottoms up-we wore a belt that had an ornament attached on a string and we had to knock down some empty soda cans (or in our case beer cans) with the ornament by moving those hips.  

These Reindeer games have been a super fun addition to the family Thanksgiving/Christmas.

Nora and Hannah were obsessed with their littlest cousins and you couldn't get them away front he babies.  Hannah is actually a pretty good babysitter and Nora is sweet with them, but wants to pick them up by their head and her hugs can get a little too much.
Look at Nora's crazy hair…...

You may have noticed a black eye in the couple of pictures I posted of myself……I got into a little bit of a bar fight.  Just kidding.  I was rocking Nora at nap time and she reached over to the little table to get one more book to read and she was handing it back to me and the corner of the book hit me right under the eye.  It swell up immediately and hurt a lot.  Nora started crying, because she knew she hurt me.  A few days later she seemed to be pretty proud of what she did, she told everybody that "train man" (which is her favorite book) did it.  
I still have a bruise now, but its healing nicely.  

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