Monday, January 9, 2017

Christmas in Germany

A few days before we left on our trip I went to Hannah's school and talked to all second graders about Christmas in Germany and all of the different traditions.  It got me even more excited about spending Christmas at home. We had not been to Germany for Christmas in a long time.  I talked to the kids about all of the Christmas markets, so that was one of the first things we did when we got there.

We visited the market in front of the cathedral
I love strolling through and seeing all of the booths with all of their goodies and the food is always great too.
Evan's first of many sausages on this trip
Kids got to ride the carousel.  I am pretty sure this was the same carousel I rode as a kid :)
 I know if my dad would have been there he would have bought the kids an endless supply of tokens to ride the carousel……
Happy boy in a firetruck
I can also see this in our further in about 10 years or so :)
Nora in the police car
One more family picture
Its been a while since I have taken a picture with my mom
This view never gets old
Cousin time.  First things my kids want to do when they get to my parents house is to set up this little grocery store.  Every time. 
Nora was all about baby Mariella
The kids also got to bake some Christmas cookies with my 96 year old grandma.  I did to get any pictures of that, but they had a great time.

Scott and I went to the 1. FC Cologne soccer game the next night.  Always a good time.  Cologne always has the best fans and the atmosphere is awesome.  The team has had lots of ups and downs, but the fans have always stood by their team.

We did our annual trip up the cathedral……actually this was our second time last year since we went in the summer as well.  It has a become a tradition for us to always climb the steps of the Dom cathedral when we are there.  Hannah had decided to stay home with Oma, so she missed out on this adventure.  Both of the little kids did pretty well, but we still had to carry them quite a bit.
All of the red roofs from the Christmas market
After we hiked up the Dom, we built up an appetite and visited another Christmas market for some lunch.

We rode the little ferris wheel.  It was going really fast and made your tummy tickle every time, which Evan and Nora really enjoyed and giggled every time.
I had been looking forward to one of these for a long time…….
a waffle with hot cherries and whipped cream.  It was delicious. (I regretted the decision to share it with Scott, so next time I got my own)
Every time we are in Germany we visit Jackelino, a big indoor play place for the kids.  It is fun for adults too.  This pyramid is not easy to climb…..that's Scott climbing it.
Being home for Christmas was wonderful and very much needed, but it also was a hard time since it was the first Christmas after my dad passed away.  It was emotional for all of us.  Walking into the house again for the first time since my trip this summer was tough.   I still expected my dad to sit in his chair.  
We decorated the tree on Christmas Eve and then we had a full house that night.  My brother and his family and his mother in law, my grandmother, my aunt and uncle and cousin and Ashley plus all of us.  It was definitely not a silent night.

New carry on suitcases for the kids.  The trunki suitcases work great.  The kids can sit on them and you can just pull them through the airport.  
Christmas morning was a little more quieter with just our kids….
Santa did a great job and left a letter with a picture of his gift at my parents house in Germany explaining that the gift would have been too big to bring back home in a suitcase.
A Doc McStuffins cart for Nora
A roller coaster toy for Evan
An easy roller for Hannah

I also wanted to share our Christmas card from this year.  We had so much fun creating it and hope it put a smile on some people's faces.

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