Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Book Day- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The kids requested to do another book club day and picked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  They love the movie, but we had never read the book.  So, we started to read a little bit at a time of the book…..
…….and did another book club day.  All of the book clubs we did before I found online at momfessionals.com (The Day the Crayons Quit, Dragons Love Tacos and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs), but there was no Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book day, so I had to get creative and come up with my own.
Here was our list of things to do…..
First I hid these golden tickets and Wonka bars in the living room and each kid had to find three tickets and three bars in order to be able to get into the chocolate factory…..
My kids love to hunt for anything, so this was a big hit
Next we calculated our age by chocolate.  The kids had to tell me how often they want to eat chocolate every week.  They had to pick a number between 1-10 and of course they all picked 10.
This was a fun little math exercise and they were really surprised at the end that we calculated their age by chocolate.
Then we moved on to the Golden Egg spoon race…….we did several races around our living room and I was able to participate as well.  Hannah had to run around our column 2 times and I had to run around it 3 times and Evan and Nora could just go for it.  Nora just held on to the egg and started running.
After the race the kids got to go in the inventing room and make their own candy.  Of course they had to put on gloves and a hair net to get into the inventing room :)
We used wooden skewers and lots of different candies to make a new creation

How sweet are these little candy makers?
And we caught her with a mouthful of marshmallows……
Next up were a few more math activity sheets
And then we moved on to a craft.  I printed out these Willy Wonka toilet paper roll craft pages that the kids had to color before assembling our Willy Wonka.
Our final Willy Wonka's
Then we did a little bit more crafting and decorated a chocolate factory
And last but not least we made a dessert called Chocolate River Bars.  It was a fun afternoon and the kids really enjoyed it.  Evan is already requesting another Book Club Day and wants to do Curious George…..

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