Thursday, February 16, 2017

Life Lately

Here is a little bit more of our life lately.  
Nora wasn't feeling very good one morning and Evan and I were playing some board games and we looked over and found Nora like this…..sleeping on the ground with a couch cushion on top of her.  She slept like this for 1 1/2 hours and was good as new afterwards.

We have had some crazy up and down weather.  One day the high is 28 and two days later its 81.  I was just talking to the kids and said "This weather is for the birds" and Evan said all serious "Yeah mommy, you are right, because birds like cold weather… penguins".  It was pretty cute.

We enjoyed some ice cream on one of the warm days

Scott was traveling all of last week, so I had to come up with some things to keep the kids busy.  We checked out a glow in the dark mini golf place.  The kids thought it was pretty fun.
Its impossible to teach Evan, he just says he knows how to do it and puts the ball right next to the hole and just hits it in…..but he always uses the small side of the club to hit it in.

Then I find Nora like this…..good thing we were the only people in there at the time

While Scott was gone Evan told me "When is daddy coming back, because I am getting a little bit tired of just being with you".  He sure knows how to make me feel loved.

Evan and Nora helped Hannah get her pony ready for riding.
You gotta wear a helmet to get close to the horse
And you have to sweep up afterwards

This was my fourth year hosting a little Valentine's party for a few of Hannah's friends.  They always have a great time.
We had a snack and a cupcake, made a flower crown, some bracelets and Valentines's cards.
Hannah made me this card.  Its a Thank You  (top part) and Valentine's (bottom part) card

Evan got a Kite for his birthday and it was really windy out last Sunday, so we went to the park to fly the kite.  We had a great time…….until Evan accidentally let go of the kite and it took off in no time.  Evan and I tried to run after it and I could just hear Scott laugh.  He said it was one of the funniest things he has seen to see me and Evan chase the kite.  Well, he drove around looking for the kite and found it on somebody's roof.  He rang the doorbell and the lady let him climb up on the roof to retrieve the kite.

There is never a dull moment with this guy…..Hannah's rain boots, no pants, Scott's gloves, Hannah's headband across his eyes.

Our chickens did not lay eggs for a while and lately we have been getting 3 eggs a day again.  Evan and I went in to feed the chickens and he said "Thank you chickens for being much better about laying eggs"

Scott and I were talking about the upcoming Bentonville Half Marathon and whether I am going to run it or not.  Then he mentioned the signs that they made for me last year and that it would be hard to top those.  Hannah said she had an idea for a sign "Hurry up mommy your Starbucks is getting cold".  She does know me well.  Then Evan pitched in and said "Hurry up mommy your house is on fire".  Both of those signs sure would make me run faster. 

We celebrated Valentine's Day with a small surprise in the morning

All kids had a party at school.  I attended Hannah's class party (Evan and Nora's classes did not have parents participate)

Ice cream bar is always fun

This little nugget is talking nonstop now.  She says some funny stuff.

Last week our neighbor Alan just touched Nora on her head and she got all upset and came running to me and said "Mommy Alan messed up my hair".  We laughed really hard……this is coming from the girl with the crazy hair.

This morning Scott was singing really loud and Nora said "Daddy stop that"

We have found this Taylor Swift parody to Blank Spaces and its called Starbucks Lovers Chestnut Praline Latte.  The kids think this song is hilarious and want to listen to it all the time.  Evan knows a lot of the words and will just start singing "Pumpkin season is over, what am I gonna drink today.  I just really really miss my Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Oh my gosh what is this, a new item on Starbucks list.  Oh Santa you've granted my wish"……it is very funny.  Yesterday Nora came up to me and said "Mommy play Pumpkin Spice".  Now the two year old knows all about the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Haha!

Hannah's school district is reading a book called "The Adventure's of a South Pole Pig" and her school is having a contest where you can dress up the pig.  Hannah wanted her pig to go to a party in Germany, because Germans like to party (those are her words).  Here is a picture of what we came up with.  Flora is dressed in a clown costume and we cut out a picture (out of a book I had) of the Dom cathedral in Cologne during Karneval, which is in fact a big party.  Her speak bubble says "Hello. I made it to Germany and found a big party.  It is a blast.  P.S.  This is Flora and I am not kidding it is a blast"

Alright, I think I will wrap this up now and  leave you with a partying pig in Germany.

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