Thursday, March 2, 2017

Short and Sweet Update

It's been a busy few weeks around here, but I don't have many pictures, so this will be short and sweet.
The weather is still up and down and we were actually under a tornado watch this week, so crazy!  I will never get used to tornado season.

I shared a picture of Hannah's decorated pig for a contest at school a few weeks ago.  They announced the winners this week and she won for her grade.  She won some book fair money and she is so excited!
The entire school district read "Adventures of a South Pole Pig" in the month of February and they ended it with dress up week this week. They are supposed to dress up like something every day (farmer, pig, dog, cat and bundle up).  We didn't remember this until Monday morning, so we decided to skip that day. 
 Evan and Nora have Dr Seuss week at preschool this week and next, so they have to dress up as well (crazy hat, crazy sock, wear red or wear green).  I am having a hard time keeping up with it and already messed up once and sent the wrong dress up with the wrong kid.
I was talking to Scott and told him that I think they do these dress up days just to make parents mad.  Hannah heard me say that and thought it was funny, so she told her teacher that I said that.  Awesome!
I know the kids enjoy it.
So, we got creative this week……
and I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the dress ups

Hannah and I attended world thinking day last weekend with her Girls Scout troop.  The girls had a great time eating different food and collecting little trinkets from different countries around the world.

Hannah also went to a 50's theme roller skating birthday party.  So much fun!  
Evan and Nora were able to come as well and they loved it.  Scott has some really cute videos of all of them doing the limbo.

The balloon artist on true square made Hannah some balloon sunglasses

We are still working hard on being consistent with chores around here.  The one that is the most willing to help is this one…..
She is going out to feed the chickens here.  I printed a list of age appropriate chores and they have to pick at least two chores from that list every day.  This has worked much better than telling them what they have to do every day.
Evan was helping unload the dishwasher the other night and said "helping unload the dishwasher also helps you get ice cream, right mama"

Evan went to the bathroom and when he came back he said "I was just sitting on the toilet and it got me thinking…..".  He went on to explain to me why he thinks our toilet leaked a little bit the other day (we still can't find this leak and I am starting to suspect that one of the kids had something to do with it).

We were playing the game "Beat the parents".  It is an adult vs kids trivia game.  Hannah always reads the trivia questions to us, but Evan really wanted to do that part.  So, he just took one of the cards and pretended to read it and came up with this:
"Where do lambs sleep? 
a) in the cold
b) in the winter
c) in the chicken weather

We laughed pretty hard at his made up question.

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