Thursday, February 23, 2017

Life Lately- Spring Like Weather Edition

We have had Spring like weather in the last week and we have enjoyed it and spent a lot of time outside.  I am sure it is just a teaser and we will have snow next week.  This weather has been a little bit crazy, but I am not complaining about the warm temperatures.  I just noticed that my tulips are already coming up, I think all of the flowers and trees are a little confused too.

Last week I took Evan and Nora to the bike park in the morning and we were the only people there, which was great, because Nora kind of takes over.  She is insisting on riding her Piki Piki bike everywhere now.  She refuses to get into the bike trailer most of the time.
She says "I ride my Piki bike myself".  I can't count how many times a day I hear "I do this myself"
Evan has become a great bike rider and he rides the bike everywhere now

We went to the Gymbacks meet last week as a family and had a great time.  Evan was really into it for a little while, but got bored quickly.  Nora just climbed up and down the stairs the entire time and made new friends, but she would stop to clap when everybody else was clapping.
Hannah was really into it and wants to go to the next meet
Every once in a while Hannah will ask me to straighten her hair and I will do it.  She looks so grown up with the straight hair

 Scott and I were working out and Nora was watching us.  She tries to copy the moves all of the time and its pretty cute.  We were doing a work out video and a few of the guys in the video were not wearing a shirt, so Nora had to take her shirt off too and she continued doing the work out.

We have spent a lot of time in the sandbox making cakes.

Hannah decided to give Evan and Nora a pedicure.  She set up a little station for them and did a pretty good job.
Nora's turn

The next day Hannah wanted to give me a pedicure and do my make up.  Nora was her little helper and I ended up with a bunch of eye shadow on my legs.  I did not take a picture of my make up, it was a little over the top

Here is one more Evan quote I want to document.
Evan helps make his scrambled egg every morning.  This week Scott was helping him and Evan told him "Daddy you are not really an expert egg maker"

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