Thursday, April 6, 2017

Picture Day - Easter

Easter pictures with the bunnies are always my favorite pictures of the year.  Probably because they love the bunnies and I don't have to bribe the kids to be good/smile with anything.  

Myra Wike did a great job again this year and I am loving the pictures.
And because I always like a good comparison picture……This was two years ago and Evan was the same age Nora is in todays picture.
And this was hannah at almost 3…...
I need to stop looking in my archives or I will be here all day and my momma heart will be in disbelief… can they be so big already!
Ok, I lied just one more picture.  Those were Hannah's first bunny pictures and we have done them every year now.

Back to 2017.
All three kids loved the bunnies
This might be my favorite picture of Nora ever.  Look at that little innocent face.  Could she do anything wrong??????? The answer is yes, but she gets away with too much.  Haha.
This little boy can be such a charmer.
It was Hannah's turn to take individual pictures and Evan thought it was fun to photobomb the picture and then Nora chimed in as well…..I actually love these pictures.
When did she get so big?  She will be 8 this summer.
Say cheese!
Typical Evan cheese face
These three fight like siblings do, but they also love each other fierce and my hope is that they will always be close and have each others back!  After all that's what siblings are for.
We were done with picture and I was changing Nora and she escaped and got one of the bunnies back out.  This was right before the bunny scratched her tummy.

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