Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wedding and Easter

We had a wonderful weekend seeing family in Nebraska and I have lots of pictures to share.  We drove up Friday after school to be there for the aunt Amy's wedding on Saturday.  We spent the day hanging out with family and exploring "farm life".  Ha! We went to see and feed the cows and play on hay bales.
Here is a little action shot of Nora jumping on the hay bales.
Evan could have stayed there all day playing on the hay bales
Nora explored a little in cousin Aiden's room and found a few things to put on…..
We participated in the towns Easter egg hunt and probably doubled their participation since we had all the cousins there :)
Oh and Nora is still obsessed with wearing this pool cover up…...
Hannah collected an entire stack of pencils on the hunt….
In the late afternoon we got ready for the wedding.  The weather was just beautiful.  
Not very often that we are all dressed up.
This dress with cowboy boots is so darn cute.
Walking down to the ceremony.
We took some selfies while waiting for the ceremony to start.
This hair is something else….
This handsome little boy was more interested in catching a lizard than taking pictures
I can't believe we got three family pictures on this trip with everybody looking.  That is impressive.
This one is my favorite
I snuck one picture during the ceremony.  Congratulations Amy and Darren!
Pictures after the ceremony
We had lots of fun eating and dancing at the reception

Nora was quite the dancer for the night.  All three kids made it until 10pm before starting to show signs of tiredness.  Thankfully we made it back to the hotel before meltdowns.
Easter morning the kids woke up and saw that the Easter Bunny left them a basket at the hotel.  They had been worried that the Easter Bunny won't find them since we were not home.
Evan didn't want to bring his easter basket, so he brought his Halloween bucket instead.
Then the kids saw cousin Blaine hunt for easter eggs outside at the hotel and were really worried that he will get all the eggs and they tried to hurry up to get out there.  We had to convince them that maybe the easter bunny left eggs for them at aunt Amy's house…..which he did!
Lots of eggs at aunt Amy's house for them to hunt
We had Easter brunch with the family and then started our drive home.  We only made it half way to Wichita on Sunday, spent the night and then drove the rest of the way on Monday morning.  

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