Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Leading Up To Summer

Leading up to summer has been busy around here.  Lots of birthdays, end of year parties, 
concerts ect.
We are in the last week of school now and the kids are excited for summer break.  I am too, but then I am often reminded of how much fighting there will be during break.  Ha!
We made our summer list last week. 
 I am not looking to pack our days full of just doing stuff, but it is nice to have a list of inspirations of things to do.  Hannah will also be going on her first overnight camp.  I am not sure that I am ready for it, but she really wanted to go.

Hannah had a bridging ceremony at Girls Scouts for the girls in her troop bridging up from Daisy to Brownie and she got to help with the ceremony.  I have enjoyed being the co-leader for this troop.  We have a great group of girls!
I am looking forward to another great Girls Scout year next year.  I think we are finally finding our groove.

Hannah also got to be music teacher for a day.  We won this Gift of Time at a school auction.  She had a blast and wearing the lanyard was her favorite part.  She felt so official.

Dressing up is still a favorite around here.  I can't believe how much Evan and Nora look alike.
He is not going to like me one day for these pictures.


We were playing treasure hunt the other day and I was looking fir the treasure.  Evan was telling me hot and cold and I realized that he was telling me the opposite.I explained to him that you say hot when you get closer and cold when you get farther away.  He said "But mom hot will burn you, why would you want to get close to it".  I love the logic of little kids.  
Evan and I played a round of Sequence yesterday and he was dealing the cards.  After I sat down he showed me his cards and said "you won't believe what cards I got".  He only had the three best cards of the game.......pretty sure that was no coincidence.
Nora was eating ribs for the first time and she loved eating it off the bone.  My dad would have been happy to see that!

Nora has been calling me "Miss Mommy" and now she started calling Scott "Miss Daddy".  It is pretty funny.  We tell her that we are Mommy and Daddy to her, but she hasn't stopped yet.

She also says "I love you too much" instead of "I love you so much"

Evan wanted to make cake pops again, so Scott suggested watermelon cake pops.  Here is our attempt.
Strawberry cake with chocolate chips
Green chocolate coating
Then we used a food pen to draw the lines
And the first taste test....
I like this family picture from Amy's wedding
Our pool is open, so bring it on summer.

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