Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Still Here......Concerts edition

I am still here.  Summer break is in full swing and we have enjoyed a wonderful visit from my mom and a vacation to Cancun.  I am going to try and catch up with some long overdue posts.
The last week of school was a busy week for us with lots of concerts, birthday parties and end of year parties.
I don't go to very many concerts, but I ended up going to three concerts in one week.  Can you believe it?  Actually it was four concerts if you count the impromptu visit to the Bentonville Sessions.  We met Jenny and Dave and the kids out for dinner Saturday night and ended up going to Bentonville Sessions with them that night.  It was a fun night catching up and letting the kids run around like crazy and listening to some great music.

The next day we had tickets to take the kids to the Kids Bop concert at the AMP.  The kids were really excited before the concert, but when it actually started they did not really get into it.  I thought there would be lots of dancing and singing, but nothing!  I think Hannah was just in awe and the other two were a little tired (due to our impromptu concert the night before) and it was pretty hot out.
You see the expressions on their faces?  That's about as excited as they got.
This picture sums up our Kids Bop experience well.  Scott is on his phone, Evan is asking him when we can leave and Hannah is just staring......Nora was probably trying to climb the seats at that time.
I attempted a couple of selfies....
So, we decided to leave early and thought there was still a lot of concert left.  As we were walking to our car we heard the music stop and the concert was over.  It was a really short concert.

The next night Scott and I had tickets to go see OAR and Train.  
It was a great concert and this is the only picture I took.
Since we are getting really old, we decided to leave a little early to beat the traffic. Ha!

Now for the highlight of my concert series.  Wednesday it was time to head to Tulsa with Debbie and Danae to see Boys II Men, Paula Abdul and NKOTB.  
It was such a fun and hilarious concert.  We had the best time and I actually stayed until the very end.  
We splurged on Pit passes and were standing right by the stage.  My 15 year old selfs dreams came true when I got to touch all of their hands.  Haha!
I tried to really enjoy the concert and didn't take that many pictures (aren't you glad), but I will still share a few.
We had the best time
Obviously this is zoomed in, but we were so close.  This is the funniest picture of the night.  
NKOTB still performed their old choreographies and it seemed like they were just having a good time with it and so did the audience.  I think it brought back a lot of memories for all of us now in our mid 30's-40's.  
How funny is this?
Hanging Tough
That wrapped up my concert week.  
Next up isms moms visit,  celebrating Hannah's 8th birthday and a trip to Cancun.

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