Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cancun Part 2.........Our Day Trip

Next up was our day trip to Isla Mujeres to swim with the dolphins.  We had to take a boat to the island and spent the entire day there.  We thought the boat ride was going to be 25 minutes, but it was actually 45 minutes (we saw lots of other boats pass us quickly, so I think it definitely could have been only 25 minutes).
When we got there we had to quickly check in to swim with the dolphins.  It was a great experience.  Evan and Nora were able to do it, but were not able to do everything.  Hannah was old enough and she was able to hold on to the dolphin and the dolphin pulled her through the water.  Evan was not big enough for that yet and it really upset him, because he wanted to do it as well.
We have no pictures of our dolphin adventure.
Afterwards we swam in the pool for a bit and had lunch before heading to downtown.  There was 6 of us and we were taking a cab.  We thought we would have to take 2 cabs, but no we all squeezed into a little car and an adventurous ride to downtown.  We walked the streets and negotiated on a bunch a small little trinkets. 
Nora had to try on this big sombrero
 It was hot that day, so then we decided to just stop at the beach before heading back to our boat. We had a little excitement when Evan had to go to the bathroom and we stopped at this private beach club for him to go really quick.  Well, he locked himself in and couldn't open the door.  Security had already told us to leave, because it was a private club.  Evan was starting to panic a little and I am trying to explain to him what he had to do.  There was no handle on the outside of the door, so we had no idea how we could open it from the outside.  Eventually I spotted Scott to climb up over the tall wall to get in with Evan and then we made a 
 escape (Scott had told security that we needed help in the bathroom and they were going to get somebody).
Hannah and Nora got their hair braided on the beach.
I couldn't believe how still Nora sat to get these braids done
Meanwhile Evan was just rolling around in the sand.  he was covered from head to toe.
And we enjoyed a nice ice cold Corona on the beach
I love the braids on Hannah.  She said she wanted to keep them in until school starts again.  We just had to take them out this week, they were getting really tangled up from using goggles in the pool.
Back by the boat dock
On the way back
More Playroom activities for our kids at the resort
Hannah won the Limbo contest and won a hat
The kids decided to bury me in the sand and it was all fun and games until Nora decided to dump a bucket of sand on my head.  I am pretty sure I still have sand in my hair now 2 weeks later.
On our last day we just lounged around again by the pool.
Hannah took over my hat and sunglasses
Nora had a little cut on her toe and had to get a bandaid
Scott had to leave that night to go on a work trip to Mexico.  We had to get up bright and early the next morning to head to the airport.
The kids set up offices and pretended to work on our layover in Houston
We had such a fun trip.  I would almost call it relaxing, but with three kids there is not much relaxing anywhere.  I brought a book, but never even opened it.

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