Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Life Lately

It is time for a little Life Lately post.  We have been staying busy this summer and I can't believe that next week summer break is already half over.  This is our first long summer break since switching to the traditional school calendar and I was a little worried that summer would drag on a little, but it has flown by so far.

The Farmers Market is my happy place.  I love walking down to the farmers market on Saturday morning and get a coffee and stroll around.  It is also always fun to run into people and catch up a little.
This morning the kids waited in line for a really long time to get a balloon.

The big kids went to Ben and Nate's Army party and had a blast.  We had told them to pack some safety goggles to bring to the party and this is how Evan came down :)

How fun is this Army party and obstacle course????

I took my mom to the Dale Chihuly exhibit at Crystal Bridges and it was amazing.  The forest part was my favorite.  Just last weekend we went to Chihuly Saturday nights with the entire family and had a great time.  Every Saturday night until August they have music, a food truck, a beer garden and art stations for the kids and you get to see the exhibit at night.  You just bring a lawn chair and enjoy.  Very fun for the entire family.
I love having this museum in our town

We had a little ice cream on the square on my moms last night here

Evan's t-ball season just wrapped up last week.  He had a great time playing.  I just think these 4 year old boys in their uniforms are so cute.
Hannah was making flower necklaces while watching Evan play ball

Over the last couple of week I took each one of the kids on a date.  They got to pick what they wanted to do and where to eat lunch.  First up was Evan and he picked to go play games at Fast Lanes and eat pizza.
I love doing these one on one dates.
Next up was Hannah and she chose to get a pedicure and eat lunch at Qdoba.  Sad thing is I didn't get a single picture of our date, but Morgan sent me a couple of pictures of the other two enjoying a pizza lunch while Hannah and I were gone.

Last but not least was Nora's turn and she chose to got o Fast Lanes as well and eat lunch and chick -fil -a.
I got a couple blurry pictures of her during our outing.

I was talking to the kids about what we should do for Fathers Day and Evan said "How about we go to the bar for daddy to get some beers". Ha! We settled on an ice cream bar with lots of toppings.

Scott was watching the Masters a few weekends ago and talked to Evan about golf.  The next day he got his clubs out and was playing in the yard making up some games.  He told me that the guys on his team are winning.  Then he told me that Hillary Clinton and Meghan Trainor are on his team.  

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