Monday, July 3, 2017

The Cake

I feel like I should be on some sort of Food Network show after creating the following cake.  Hannah saw this idea on some Food Network show and wanted to re-create it.  It sounded fun, so I agreed.  After spending a small fortune on all of the ingredients we were ready to go.

Of course we couldn't just make one flavor, it had to be chocolate and strawberry.  We did use cake mixes and did not make them from scratch.  At this point I was a little worried on how nice our cake would look.  They always make it look so easy to get a cake all smooth......
After cleaning up the plate it didn't look so bad
Hannah's requirement for the cake was that we use some fondant.  She has wanted to try rolling out fondant for a while......she loves to watch Cake Boss.
Maybe you are starting to see the theme here......
Working on making some candy "grill" pieces
The finished product.  We were quite proud of it!
A grill looking cake
Maybe we are not quite ready for the Food Network yet, but we had fun creating this masterpiece.
One last picture

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