Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Parties

Hannah has already been to two Halloween/Fall parties and Scott and I have not even been invited to a single party yet.  Ha!  That is how much our lives have changed.  Our gym hosted a parents night out on friday night with a fall party theme.  Hannah had a good time playing with all the other kids while we enjoyed a nice and quiet dinner at Bonefish.  Saturday morning we attended the Hip Mamas Halloween picinc at the park.  Hannah wore her costume for the first time!  It is really cute on her, but she does not like to wear the hood. 
Hannah makes a cute puppy dog

The ladies did a great job organizing the party.  We enjoyed some playtime on the playground, coloring, decorating a pumpkin, lots of food and a treat bag.
Going down the slide with daddy
Playing in the beautiful leaves. 
Coloring with daddy
Lots of kids decorating pumpkins with stickers.
Somehow stickers always end up on Hananh's face.
The finished product.
Hurry up and take the picture mommy.....this pumpkin is getting heavy!
 Hannah has two more parties to attend to this week.  Have a great week.

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  1. What a great party. Don't you love it when it becomes all about the baby and their parties/outings. KInd of takes the focus off us, huh?
    Sorry to be a dummy, I just messaged you from the followers section asking if you had a blog i could see. I guess i didnt put the two together.