Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fun In The Sun

We went on a weekend trip to Orlando and had some fun in the sun.  My mom flew down to Orlando with us and went back home to Germnay from there.  Scott had to go to Orlando for work and we decided to tag along.  My mom and I took Hannah to Sea World both days and she LOVED it.  It was so fun to experience the park through Hannah's eyes and I missed most of the shows, because I was just watching her.  Her favorite was the Shamu show followed by the Dolphins show and the splash park.  It is really hard to capture her excitement in pictures.  I wish I would have had my video camera, but of course that was sitting at home.  Hannah was clapping, laughing, cheering, pointing and talking the entire time during the shows.

The carousel was pretty fun too.
Splashing around

Saturday was the Halloween Spooctacular.  Hannah really liked the pumpkin characters.
Oma and Hannah
The Dolphin show was my favorite
My friend Hellen and her husband and sweet daughter Gracyn met us Saturday evening.  Gracyn just turned 2 years old and Hannah was trying to copy everything she did.  Gracyn was giving Hannah lots of hugs and kisses.
The Penguin exhibit was really cool :)
We had a wonderful time in Orlando.  It was also able to see my friends Mike and Kelly and Tabitha.  It was great to catch up with all of them.
Have a great week


  1. How fun! I love that she was so excited at Sea World!! That is so great...glad you had such a good time :)

  2. I love the pictures!! Her outfits are so stinkin' cute...looks like you guys had lots of fun!