Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mule Jump And A Little Bit Of This And That

Last weekend we went to the Pea Ridge Mule jump.  We have been wanting to go to this event for a long sounded very interesting and it didn't disappoint.  It was a great place to people watch. The jump is not a running jump, but is made from a standstill.  Mules can jump sixty to sixty-six inches high. We did not stay long enough to see the big boys jump that high.  In case you are wondering a Mule is a cross of a donkey (dad) and a horse (mom).    If you are interested you can see the winning jump from 2005 HERE

Daddy and Hannah at the Mule Jump
We took the boat out one last time on Sunday.  It was a beautiful afternoon and I loved the peace and quiet out on the lake.  Hannah loves to drive the boat, but she is not a big fan of the life vest.  Now it is time to winterize the boat.  I can't wait for next seaon!
We have been going for a lot of walks since my mom has been here.  Hannah took quite the dive the other day when she was looking between her legs (almost like she is trying to do a somersault).
This was before her fall
Now you can see the scratches on her face.   And to make things worse I banged her in the head with a door the next day. She looked pretty beat up :(
Hannah and Grandma
Scott decided to bake some sugar cookies from scratch the other day.  He worked on them for two days.  They turned out really good.  He is looking forward to making this a tradition and baking them with Hannah every year for Halloween.

My mom and I took Hannah to a pumpkin patch yesterday.  Hannah enjoyed the hayride and picking out her own pumpkin. 
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Poor little Hannah! If it makes you feel any better, Colin almost always has a big goose egg on his head. I think they're just at the age where they're going to have lots of bumps and bruises (and occasional scrapes too!).