Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good Ole Germany

Hannah and I made it to Germany last week and Scott got here today.  We had an uneventful trip, but it was a long day.  Hannah is such a little travel trooper and did great.  It is tough to keep her entertained on an 8 hour flight, but we managed.  I thought she would sleep most of it, since it was overnight.  Wrong!  The entire plane was asleep except for Hannah.  She just wanted to keep reading books, play with play dough, run around etc.  We had a really nice flight attendant that saw I was traveling by myself and took Hannah a few times and walked around with her.  Every time she came by our seat again Hannah put her hands out and wanted to go with her.  It was a lot more fun to walk around with her than sit in the seat with me!!!!!
We have had a lot of snow since we have been here.  This is unusual for Köln, so we have had some challenges getting around.  The streets are very icy, so we have stayed close to the house most of the time.  I have taken some fun pictures, but I forgot to bring the cable to download the pictures and Sony's memory card doesn't fit into any of the card readers we have.  So annoying!  Scott brought my nice camera now, so I will take pictures with that and I have a card reader for that one. 
Hannah has adjusted really well and she has been a really funny girl lately.  She is very busy and constantly running around.  We have visited my friend Meike with her two little girls a few times and Hannah enjoys playing with them.  We also went to mommy and me gymnastics with them and she loved running around in the big gymnasium.  It brought back a lot of fun memories for me, because the class was at my old elementary school and I have been to countless gymnastics classes at that gym.  So fun!
One of my mom's friends let us borrow a play grocery store for Hannah.  Her grandkids are too old for it now.  Hannah loves to play in it (especially the register).  The fun thing is that it is the same grocery store I had as a kid.  Hopefully I can share some pictures soon!

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  1. So glad you are having fun with your family! Can't wait to see all the fun pics!