Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Picture Recap

I finally downloaded the pictures from my camera.
Here is the view we have had since we have been here.  We have had a lot of snow, which is not typical for this region.  This is one of the few palm trees in Germany (this is my parents backyard). Ha!
Hannah is not a fan of the snow.  She will not stand or walk in it.....very strange.  We borrowed a sled, but she is not a fan of that either.  I guess we will just keep trying.
Scott built Hannah a snowman the day he arrived.
Here is Hannah's grocery store.  She really likes to play with it.  She can't open the register with her little finger, so she pounds on it with her elbow....it is really funny.
Hannah's sleeping arrangements in Germany.  She refused to sleep in her crib here as well, so we built her a mattress fort.  She moves around so much at night that she really needs all of this space.
Last week Scott and I went to the 1. FC Köln soccer match with my brother.  We started out at the Christmas Market in the city and had a Glühwein (hot spiced red wine) before heading to the stadium.  It was a cold night out and Cologne did not play well at all.  We still had a great evening despite the loss.  After the game we picked up Ashley from the train station who came in from London to visit us for the holidays. 
On Christmas Eve we did some shopping at the Farmers Market and Metro.  Scott really likes to go to the Metro (wholesale store) to buy all kinds of random things.  We went Kegeln (German Bowling) in the afternoon while my dad cooked us a wonderful meal.  I have some fun pictures from the soccer game and our Kegel tournament, but they are all still on my other camera.
 Uncle Volker playing with Hannah on Christmas Eve
 Hannah really likes to cheers everybody.  She will use whatever she has in her hand to cheers.....bread, cup, plate etc and she won't forget anybody at the table.
Hannah has been kicking Opa out of his own chair.  She will pull at his leg until he gets up and then she climbs into it.
This is it for today......I will finish up Christmas Eve next time.


  1. The snow looks so fun! Looks like a great time!

  2. Tell Hannah Jillian wishes we had that much snow here!! We will miss you at the bday party. Enjoy your trip!!

  3. Glad you are having fun and so happy to hear Hannah did well on the flight! Enjoy your time with your family and tell everyone Dave and I said hello!