Friday, May 13, 2011

The Voice Contest

We have a new favorite show: The Voice.  Scott and I have never gotten into watching American Idol, but we are hooked on The Voice now.  Scott came up with his own contest for the two of us.  We have "official rules" and had a draft last night.  Both of us had to pick singers to be on our team and we will get points for how far they make it in the competition.  We get one point for each singer making it into the next round, two points for the following round and so on.  Most points wins the contest and has to take the other out to dinner and cover all expenses including babysitter.  This makes watching the show even more fun. 

Here is my team.  I am very happy with it.
Javier Colon
Angela Wolf
Jared Blake
tim mahoney
Kelsey Ray
Tyler Robinson
Dia Framton
Justin Grennon
Julia Eason
Curtis Grimes
Elen Owen
Raquel Castro
Casey Weston
Casey Desmond

And here is Scott's team.
Jeff Jenkins
T j e Austin
Tarryln Ramsey
Patrick Thomas
Rebecca Loebe
Vickey Martinez
Beverly McClennon
Devon Barley
Emaly Valentine
Frenchie Davis
Cherie Oakley
Sara Omoachi
Nikki Dawson
Lilly Elise

I like my chances.  We haven't watched last nights episode yet.  We are getting ready to watch it now.  So fun!

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