Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cows and Basketball

Last Friday night was the first night it got really cold here in NWA (I am talking single digits).  Scott and I were watching TV in the living room and we kept hearing a "banging" sound.  At first we thought Hannah hit the wall in her sleep or fell out of bed, but we would have heard that through the monitor.  Then I kept hearing a noise and didnt quite know what it was.  I asked Scott if he was making noises with his feet on the floor, but he said it sounded like a "moo".  That lead us turn on the outside lights and look out the window. We saw about 10 sets of eyes staring back at us and then there was a lot of commotion and cows were running everywhere.  Scott got a flashlight out and went to the side of the house and there were more eyes staring at us.  The cows  from the pasture behind our hosue got out and were trying to find shelter under our deck and on the side of the house, because it was so cold and windy out.  The "banging" sound we kept hearing was the cows trying to pack in under our deck and pushing each other against the house. 
We decided to call the police, because we have two big propane tanks under our deck that fuel our fire places and we did not want anything to happen to those.  So,  at 11 pm we had 3 cop cars show up that chased the cows away.  The cows left us lots of presents in our yard, but the owner promised us that he would come back to clean up the yard.  I sure hope he will come soon!  The next day we noticed that one of our trees was half gone.......not sure if they ate it or jst rubbed against it!
This was the most excitement we have had on a Friday night in a long time.  This morning the cows were out again and this afternoon the police called Scott asking if he owns cattle that got out (that is really funny to me).  Hannah has enjoyed having cows in the backyard.  She thinks it is pretty funny and she goes looking out of all the windows looking for "her cows".

Last Saturday we decided to make a trip down to Fayetteville to go to the Razorback basketball game (I can't beleive I used to live down there and made this trip on a daily basis.  Nowadays we have to plan ahead to go down there. Ha!).  Dan and the boys joined us and we had a good time at the basketball game.  We had an entire section at the top to ourselves, which was perfect with three little kids running around.  When we first walked into the arena Hannah and Simon got really excited and started to jump and down and yelled "yeah basketball".  That was worth paying the money to go to a game!

Before we headed to Fayetteville
Simon and Hannah at the game
Hannah has been a little sensitive to sound lately, so she wore her ear protectors almost the entire time
We were a little early getting down to Fayetteville, so we stopped at Cavender's boots and bought some Cowboy boots for Hannah and myself.  Her boots are the cutest thing! And we have finallly found a pair of shoes she likes almost as much as her princess shoes.  Yeah!
Hannah now corrects everybody that calls them cowboy boots and says they are cowgirl boots.

Singing karaoke with dad in her princess dress and cowgirl boots

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  1. I love that your pic is in Target! It makes me happy!