Monday, February 13, 2012

Surprise Visit

Last weekend we all drove up to Iowa to surprise Jeannie for her 60th Birthday.  Irv worked really hard on this surprise and he pulled it off perfectly.  It is not easy to keep this many people from spilling the beans.  Ashley flew in from London, Amy drove over from Garden City, Brian and Kerri and Allison and Josh drove up from Kansas City and Megan Barry came from Lincoln plus some other friends and family came as surprise guests too.  We all met up at the church parking lot across from their house, so that we can all walk up together and ring the doorbell.

Getting ready to surprise Grandma Jeannie
Funny thing is that Jeannie was just getting home as we were meeting in the parking lot and she said to her friends as she was driving by "Oh look somebody is having a birthday party at the church"......good thing she didn't recognize all of us.

It was priceless to see her face as well all showed up on her doorstep.  Surprise well done!

Hannah loves to be around her cousins and aunts and uncles.  The more people the better for her.......probably because she gets more attention and gets to entertain more people. 

Hannah was a big fan of grandmas dress up clothes.  Here is the entire group dressed up (I love Scotts half shirt).  What do they look like?

On Saturday night was the big surprise party at their friends barn.  Again Jeannie was surprised and started to tear up as she saw all her friends and family at the party.  Hannah was really concerned when she saw grandma "cry" and wanted to give her a hug :)

Hannah loved the tractor and four wheeler and said that she would like to have a big tractor.

The next day we took some pictures of all the grandkids.  It was not easy to get all 6 kids to look and smile. 

We also went bowling and had a fun Super Bowl party. Hannah needed a lot of help getting the bowling ball down the lane.....she really just dropped it right in front of her :).  She still had fun though!  Hannah and Bennett jumped up and down and cheered every time they hit a few pins.  So cute.
 It was a great weekend of surprises and hanging out with family. 

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